2019 Honda CR-V Maintenance

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Keeping up with your 2019 Honda CR-V maintenance is crucial for the performance and longevity of your vehicle. Routine oil changes are a given, but there is much more necessary Honda CR-V service that will keep your CR-V running smoothly around Sparta Twp. Check out the Honda CR-V maintenance intervals of which to take note!

Every 7,500 Miles

At each 7,500-mile interval, make sure to complete the following Honda CR-V maintenance:

  • Oil and filter change
  • Brake inspection
  • Throttle linkage lubrication
  • Fluid levels check and recap
  • Tire inspection and tire pressure adjustments
  • Tire rotation

Every 15,000 Miles

When you hit the 15,000-mile milestone, these maintenance tasks must be completed:

  • Chassis and hinge lubrication as needed
  • Oil drain plug and gasket replacement
  • Wheel and tire rotation and balancing
  • Undercarriage, crankcase, and shocks and struts inspections
  • Throttle body mount bolts torquing and throttle leakage inspection
  • Distributor cap-rotor-wires inspection
  • Transmission service
  • Lights and wipers inspections
  • Air filter and air conditioning filter replacements
  • Steering system checks
  • Spark plug replacements if necessary
  • Parking brake adjustments
  • AC and heater operation inspections
  • Drive shaft bolt and propeller shaft bolt re-torquing
  • Drive belts inspection and adjustment
  • Exterior and interior lamp checks
  • Windshield wiper inserts replacement

Every 30,000 Miles

Complete the following services at each 30,000-mile mark:

  • Leak inspections
  • Engine coolant replacement
  • Battery service and cable cleaning
  • Exhaust pipes and mountings inspections
  • Brake line, hoses, linings/drums, and pads/discs inspections
  • Transmission fuel or oil checks
  • Coolant hoses and clamps inspection
  • Exhaust pipes and mountings inspection
  • Spark plugs replacement
  • Fuel tank cap gasket inspection
  • Air filter elements inspection
  • Road test and quality control

Schedule Honda CR-V Service at Sussex Honda

Sussex Honda is here for all of your Honda CR-V service needs, whether it’s keeping up with your Honda recommended maintenance schedule or learning how to change your wiper blades. We can even set you up with one of our Honda CR-V lease deals so that you can hit the streets of Denville in style with the color you want!

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