Buying New vs. Buying Used

It’s the age-old question when you’re in the market to switch up your ride – which is better, buying new or buying used? There are definitely advantages to either option, and it all depends on your preferences and priorities. Take a moment to learn about the advantages of each option before setting off on your car-buying journey!

Perks of Buying New

When you opt for a new car, you’re in for several perks. For one, you’ll have access to the latest and greatest in-car and safety technology, much of which keeps you connected while on the go and alert to your surroundings. The newest models on the market also tend to boast improved fuel efficiency ratings over past years’ models, so that means you can expect lower fuel costs for the duration of ownership. And since a new car has never been driven by anyone else, you know the vehicle’s history. Warranty coverage that goes along with a new-car purchase is a tremendous advantage, as well, given that you’ll likely avoid huge repair bills in the first years of owning the car. With so much playing in your favor, it’s easy to see why drivers lean toward buying new.

Young couple signing car buying documents
Woman holding keys to new car

Benefits of Buying Used

You may not be getting a shiny, new model, but there are a great many benefits to buying used. The greatest benefit, of course, is the fact that the initial major depreciation that occurs in the first few years of a car’s life no longer affects the vehicle. This translates into a lower asking price for you, meaning you can likely budget thousands less than you would if you buy a new car. Additionally, there are vehicle history reports readily available these days, so you can check to see if the vehicle you’ve selected has been through any major incidents prior to your purchase. Finally, there are certified pre-owned programs, like Honda’s, which thoroughly vet the health of a used vehicle—find out more about CPO Honda Accord sedans to get a better idea. In any case, there’s no doubt you’ll benefit by buying used.


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