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Does Car Insurance Cover the Car or the Driver?

Car Accident

You should already know that every driver is obliged to carry a form of insurance, but you might not completely understand your insurance plan. We’ve noticed that common questions among drivers shopping for a new vehicle include:

  • Does Car Insurance Cover the Car or the Driver?
  • What Type of Cover is Required?
  • Is My Child Covered Under Car Insurance?
  • What Does Full Car Insurance Cover?

You’ll get the answers to all those questions by reading our quick and easy overview.

Does Car Insurance Cover the Car or the Driver?

When asking that question, you really need to first know what type of insurance you have. Some plans cover the driver and some cover the vehicle itself. If you need to know ‘what does full car insurance cover?’ Start by considering:

  • Occupant Coverage: Your car will be covered by comprehensive, collision, or liability insurance. Children and other occupants not listed on the specific policy may also be covered by these plans.
  • Vehicle Coverage: If you have liability insurance, your plan may also cover the policyholder when driving someone else’s vehicle, including a friend’s car, dealership loaner, or rental car.

Some of the accidents that occur across Sparta Twp streets may end up being covered by multiple insurance policies. If that’s the case, one of those policies will be considered primary and pay expenses to its limit. Once that limit is reached, a secondary policy can cover excess costs.

Understanding Comprehensive vs. Liability

Okay, so what does full car insurance cover? Is your child covered? If you want that kind of complete coverage for peace of mind between Hackettstown and Denville, you’ll need to take out multiple policies, including:

  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Collision Insurance
  • Liability Insurance

A combination of all three will provide the complete coverage you’re seeking.

Get Help with Servicing or Financing at Sussex Honda

Whether you want to talk through insurance options in greater detail or discuss the merits of leasing vs. buying, our team is always here to help. For any further advice or assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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