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What Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover?

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The world of car insurance is one of the most important facets of owning a car because your choice of insurance coverage dictates how easy it is to go back to normal when the worst happens. You might be asking, “what does comprehensive insurance cover?” Comprehensive insurance coverage will keep you protected for everything that doesn’t result in a collision, including theft and vandalism.

Sussex Honda is here to answer “what is comprehensive coverage?” and direct you toward our excellent finance people.

The Facts About Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

A great way to learn about comprehensive insurance coverage is by getting acquainted with the other types of car insurance and how drivers in Sparta Twp and Hackettstown can use them. Here’s some facts on the most common types of insurance that you can expect to find:

  • Comprehensive car insurance, as mentioned before, covers everything that has nothing to do with a crash or a collision. For instance, if your car is stolen or an act of God damages your car, comprehensive insurance coverage will get you squared away.
  • GAP insurance is there to protect against a scenario where you get into an accident soon after you drive your car off the lot in Denville. Depreciation will already have taken a big toll and the reimbursement will leave you underwater on your loan without GAP insurance.
  • Liability insurance is for those who cause accidents and are held liable for the damages. This type of insurance cover pays to repair or replace the vehicles of drivers you hit, not to mention any medical bills that may be incurred.
  • Collision insurance does exactly that, it covers you when you get into a collision. It protects your vehicle for damages that incur during any type of collision, whether single or multi-car. Collision insurance will cover the parts to repair your car or replace it entirely if it’s totaled.

State to state, you’ll have different insurance requirements. Certain types of insurance are needed for all drivers no matter what, while subsets of drivers will require the other types of insurance. We can inform you of what type of insurance you’re going to need to be able to drive legally, so don’t be afraid to ask!

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