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What is a Hybrid Car?

2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid Side Profile


More shoppers like you are becoming interested in maximizing fuel efficiency on the Sparta Twp roads. While new Honda vehicles provide impressive fuel economy figures for you to take advantage of, we understand that you may be interested in upgrading to something even more fuel-efficient. Fortunately, there are plenty of new Honda hybrid vehicles for you to choose from.

But, what is a hybrid car in the first place? The most simple hybrid car definition we can provide is a vehicle that utilizes both an internal combustion engine and electric motors to help you save fuel on Hackettstown drives. With that being said, there are many different types of hybrid vehicles available. Let’s take a deep dive into the “What is a hybrid car?” question to help you find the perfect hybrid vehicle for your adventures at Sussex Honda! 

Hybrid Car Meanings

Hybrid vehicles are a great choice if you’re looking for a fuel-efficient ride without changing your Denville lifestyle. They operate similarly to standard vehicles since all you need to do is visit a gas station when you run out of fuel. They help you bridge the gap between standard vehicles with an internal combustion engine and fully electric vehicles.

Although the hybrid car meaning is essentially the same for each hybrid vehicle type, the way they operate can be different. Let’s take a closer look at the different hybrid car definitions based on the type of hybrid system the vehicle has:

Parallel Hybrid

Parallel hybrid vehicles are one of the most common types of hybrid models. The hybrid car meaning with a parallel hybrid model is essentially a vehicle with an electric motor and a gasoline engine that work together to power you during your drives. Both the internal combustion engine and the electric motors work in parallel with the transmission to offer you increased efficiency.

Series Hybrid

Series hybrid vehicles are also a common type of hybrid vehicle. The main difference is that the internal combustion engine acts as a generator for the electric motor. Both the engine and the electric motor still power your vehicle, but the electric motor or motors act as the main propulsion system with the internal combustion engine acting as the generator that gives the electric motor power.

Plug-In Hybrid

Plug-in hybrid vehicles are similar to parallel hybrid vehicle systems. However, they offer a larger battery so that you have the chance to drive on pure electric power. Plug-in hybrid vehicles can also be plugged into a power source to charge the larger battery. With that being said, you can simply visit a gas station to fuel up as usual when you run out of driving range. The main benefit of PHEVs is that they offer the capability to drive on pure electric power during short trips.

Discover the Hybrid Car Definition for Yourself at Sussex Honda!

If you’re curious about which Honda vehicles are hybrid and how their hybrid system works, we’re more than happy to assist at our Newton dealership. To learn more about the Honda hybrid technology, simply reach out to us online for more information!

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