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What Does an Alternator Do?

The alternator is responsible for delivering power to your new Honda vehicle’s electrical system whenever it’s running. What does an alternator do beyond that? Plenty. While many assume the battery alone runs their car, it’s the alternator that draws energy from the engine and uses it to generate power and keep everything running.

If your alternator fails, problems can impact everything from the ignition to your electrical systems, so read on to explore:

  • Common Alternator Problems
  • Alternator Lifetime Factors
  • The Cost of Alternator Replacement

Common Alternator Problems

Your alternator must be properly maintained to function as it should. Regularly scheduled checks can pick up on any issues, but you should also visit our service center without delay if you notice any of the following telltale signs of a dying alternator:

  • Trouble starting
  • Devices not charging
  • Smell of burning rubber from beneath the hood
  • Whining or screeching as the vehicle starts
  • Dim headlights or interior lights
  • Active battery warning dashboard light

If you ever try to jump-start your vehicle and it dies immediately afterwards, you’re almost certainly looking at an alternator problem.

Alternator Lifetime Factors

Alternators generally last around seven years, which works out to somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 miles. However, certain things may make your alternator wear out faster, including:

  • Poor alternator quality
  • Driving through harsh conditions
  • Having a power drain on the alternator

If you choose to drive through tough Sparta Twp weather or pick up a cheap alternator from a random Hackettstown auto shop, you’re probably going to be looking for a replacement sooner.

The Cost of Alternator Replacement

So, how much is an alternator? Different makes and models require different alternators, so that’s not always an easy question to answer. Your owner’s manual should let you know, but you can always contact our service center for a free quote. It’s also better to go through our parts center for a genuine OEM replacement instead of getting something cheaper from your average Denville body shop.

Look to Our Service Center for Any Further Assistance

It’s always smart to replace your alternator when it first shows signs of trouble, and we’re always happy to help determine what’s going on and find the right part. For any further advice or assistance, feel free to contact us directly.

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