How to Be Fuel Efficient When Driving

2021 Honda Civic

Cultivating fuel efficient driving habits can save you money at the gas pump and put less stress on your Honda CR-V or Accord. So how can you save fuel while driving on hills, in traffic, and in challenging weather conditions? Read the guide below from Sussex Honda to learn how to be fuel efficient every time you drive in Sparta Twp!

Save on Gas with Fuel Efficient Driving Habits

In normal driving conditions, saving fuel can be as simple as braking and accelerating smoothly. However, many Hackettstown drivers aren’t sure how to be fuel efficient in more unusual circumstances. So how can you save fuel while driving on hills or in traffic? Try out the following fuel efficient driving habits:

  • Use Your Momentum On Hills – To save fuel on hills, reduce your speed as you drive up, and let your forward momentum bring you down the other side.
  • Accelerate Gently – The harder you press on the gas, the more fuel you use. Accelerating smoothly from a stopped position is a great fuel efficient driving habit.
  • Plan Ahead to Avoid Traffic – Constant braking and accelerating in traffic drains fuel and stresses your car’s drivetrain. When possible, plan ahead to avoid rush hour and crowded routes.
  • Avoid High Speeds – Speeds above 65 mph will use fuel quickly. Maintaining a speed of 55 to 65 mph will get you the best fuel economy.
  • Coast to a Stop – Rather than tapping the brake pedal multiple times as you come to a stop, press down gently and coast to a stop. You can even remove your foot from the gas and coast to the stoplight if there’s no vehicle ahead of you.
  • Use Air Conditioning Wisely – Fuel efficiency may be reduced by up to 20% with the air conditioning cranked to the max. Use the recirculate function to conserve fuel when possible, and run the air conditioner on high only when necessary.

Find a Fuel-Efficient Honda Model for Sale in Newton

You know how you can save fuel while driving on hills and in Denville traffic, but there are lots more ways to save money and keep your Honda in great condition for years to come! Our staff at Sussex Honda are happy to help with your DIY car-care challenges, whether you want to know more about your alternator or your Honda battery warranty. Contact us to schedule service today!

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