How Often to Change Synthetic Oil?

Newton drivers like to take good care of their vehicles, and that means regular oil changes. Perhaps you’re curious how often to change synthetic oil. So, how often do you change synthetic oil? Usually, you can go approximately 7,500 to 15,000 miles between synthetic oil changes. However, it depends on the blend of oil you use, your specific vehicle, and your driving habits. Sussex Honda is your oil change resource. We’re always here to help. Feel free to call our service department with any questions on maintenance or repairs for your vehicle.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil?

Not all vehicles need to use synthetic oil. You should check your owner’s manual to see what type is recommended for your car. Synthetic oil does cost more, and that’s why some Sparta Twp drivers avoid it. However, there are many benefits to using synthetic oil, such as:

  • Better Performance: High-performance cars often use synthetic oil because of its greater performance.
  • Longer time between oil changes: Many vehicles that require synthetic oil can go as long as 15,000 miles between oil changes.
  • Performs Better at High Temperatures: Synthetic oil endures the heat of an engine for much longer than conventional oil.

Can You Mix Conventional and Synthetic Oils?

Hackettstown customers often ask if synthetic and conventional oils can be mixed. They can be mixed, but it’s not a good idea. Mixing the two types of oils refutes the high-performance properties of synthetic oil. Sussex Honda suggests that you use the type of oil recommended in your owner’s manual.

How Much Does a Synthetic Oil Change Cost?

Synthetic oil change costs can vary based on the type of vehicle you drive, the brand of oil used, and where you live. For pricing estimates in Denville, contact the service department at Sussex Honda.

Schedule an Oil Change at Sussex Honda Today!

Now that you know how often to change synthetic oil, and if your car needs it, do you know when you last had an oil change on your vehicle? If you can’t recall, you should make a service appointment at Sussex Honda. Do you need other car maintenance, repairs, or new tires, or even a jump-start? Check out our service specials and give us a call today.


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