How to Jump-Start a Car

Jumper Cables

Many Newton drivers know that they will probably run out of car battery at one point in their lives, or they’ll be asked to help a stranger in a parking lot whose car won’t jump start. The service center simplifies the process of how to jump start a car and talks about other important car battery info below!

The Proper Way to Jump Start a Car

If you don’t already have jumper cables, they can be found all around Sparta Twp and are always useful to have in the trunk. All you’ll need to learn how to properly jump-start a car is jumper cables and another vehicle.

  • Position Vehicles: Face the car in need of a jump start with the other car. Make sure the car with the dead battery is turned off and both parking brakes are engaged.
  • Prepare the Batteries: Open the hoods and find the batteries. There’s a chance you’ll have to remove a plastic covering. Find the positive and negative terminals, inspecting them for corrosion.
  • Clamp: Start with the red clamp for the positive post. Connect that clamp to the dead battery, then its living peer. Do the same with the black clamp for the negative post. The final clamp should be attached to the car’s frame, on an unpainted metal surface.
  • Start Your Engines! First, start the vehicle with the working battery, then start the vehicle that’s having trouble.
  • Let it Run: You should give your battery time to recharge after jump-starting your car, so leave it on.

If you’ve followed these steps on how to properly jump-start a car and your car won’t jump-start, you could be looking at a more serious issue.

Other Battery Problems and Tips

If you can’t jump-start a car battery, you may need a replacement battery or other adjustments made by a dealership service center in Hackettstown. Here’s what could be wrong:

  • Malfunctioning Starter: Your electrical system could be fully powered, but a bad starter won’t get your engine running. You can fix this by scheduling service around Denville.
  • Other Issues: Besides the starter, the ignition switch or fuse could be the culprit.
  • Battery Replacement: If you need a replacement battery, it’s always good to keep an eye out for service specials.

Find Service Tips and More at Sussex Honda!

At Sussex Honda, we’re happy to help provide Newton-area drivers with tons of service and parts tips to help them keep their cars in great shape! Explore more tips and tricks to get the best from your vehicle such as how you can be more fuel efficient when driving. If you still have questions about how to jump-start a car or jump start car service, contact us today!

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