How Does an Oil Change Work?

June 21st, 2018 by

Oil change

You know your car needs regular oil changes, but not everyone knows why or how and oil change works. Get the breakdown on oil changes before your oil breaks down on you, then take a look at our service specials at Sussex Honda near Sparta Twp to great deal on your next scheduled maintenance.

  1. What Does My Oil Actually Do?
    Oil lubricates an engine’s moving parts to reduce friction, which therefore reduces corrosion, overheating, and wasted energy.
  2. Why Does it Need to be Changed?
    With vehicle usage over time, the engine oil “breaks down,” which essentially means it becomes less effective at its job. If you don’t change your oil, your engine could overheat and sustain permanent damage, and eventually your car will simply stop running.
  3. How Often Do I Need to Change My Oil?
    The old rule used to be every 3,000 miles, however with newer cars and synthetic oil, many experts say 5,000-7,500 miles is the new number. It also depends on your driving conditions–if you mostly do longer driving stints, your oil actually breaks down slower.
  4. What Does the Technician Do When They Change the Oil?
    The Technician removes what is left of the old oil from your engine and replaces it with new oil. The oil filter is typically also changed at this time.
  5. How Much is an Oil Change at Honda?
    The price of an oil change will vary from dealer to dealer and region to region, but it could be anywhere between $45 and $80, with synthetic oil at the top end of the range.

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