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How to Open a Honda Key Fob & Replace the Battery

2021 Honda Civic

If you’ve been driving your Honda vehicle for a while in Sparta Twp, you may notice that your key fob doesn’t work quite as well as it used to. That’s because your Honda key fob battery will lose its charge over time. Fortunately, learning how to change the battery in a Honda key fob is simple! In this guide from the Sussex Honda service center, you’ll learn:

  • Which Honda key fob battery replacement to buy
  • How to open a Honda key fob to access the battery
  • How to change a Honda key battery
  • How to program a Honda key fob to recognize your vehicle

Finding the Right Honda Key Battery

It’s important that you purchase the right type of battery for your key fob in order for it to work properly. However, Honda key fob battery replacement is easier than you might think! Most Hackettstown-area hardware stores carry the flat circular 3-volt battery that you need, but you can also order a Honda key fob battery replacement from our parts department, or stop by our service and parts center near Denville.

How to Open Honda Key Fob

Looking at the plastic casing, it’s not immediately obvious how to open your Honda key fob. Follow these steps to open the casing and easily access the Honda key battery:

  • There’s a button on your Honda key fob that releases the metal emergency key, which is stored inside the key fob. Press the release button and slide out the emergency key.
  • Using the edge of the key as a lever, wedge it carefully into the slot at the top of the key fob. Twist gently so that the back of the key fob pops off.

How to Replace Honda Key Battery

Now that the key fob is partly disassembled, it’s important to keep it intact while you change the battery. In Honda key fobs, there are several small components that can pop out if you’re not careful. Here’s how to change the battery in a Honda key fob:

  • Hold your thumb directly above the Honda key battery.
  • With your other hand, pry out the dead battery and replace it with a fresh Honda key battery.
  • To reassemble the key fob, line up the two halves of the casing and press gently until they snap back together.

How to Program Honda Key

Now that you know how to change a Honda key battery, the next step is programming it to recognize your vehicle. Follow these simple steps for how to program a Honda key fob:

  1. Enter the cabin and securely shut all doors.
  2. Insert the key into the ignition and turn to the “On” position. Press and hold the “LOCK” button for one second.
  3. Release the button and turn the key back to the “Off” position. Repeat steps two and three twice more.
  4. Once again, turn the key to the “On” position and hold the “LOCK” button on the key fob for one second. The doors should automatically cycle through locking and unlocking, indicating that your vehicle is in remote programming mode.
  5. Next, hold the “LOCK” button for one second and wait for the locks to cycle again. When this happens, the key fob has been successfully paired with your vehicle. Repeat the entire process with any additional fobs that you want to link with this vehicle.
  6. Exit remote programming mode by turning the key to the “Off” position in the ignition.

Turn to Sussex Honda for Honda Tech Support in Newton

If you can change a battery in your Honda key fob, there are lots more Honda tech tasks to try! At Sussex Honda, our team is happy to help you out with your DIY car care — whether you’re learning how to open a Honda key fob, perform a routine transmission fluid check, or install a lift kit at home in Mount Olive Twp. Contact us today for Honda key fob battery replacement tips and more! You can explore more Honda guides at our dealership with a look at how to find your Honda radio code, or how to connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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